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Budi Utama Three Languages National School's logo is composed of the following elements of significance:

  1. The basic shape of the Budi Utama logo is two circles that represent a never-ending process that is in constant dynamic, free movement. Secondly, the circles symbolize the earth and the sun.
  2. Two male adults in orang and two female adult in blue are depicted guiding two children, a boy and a girl, who face inward. This symbolizes Budi Utama as a formal educational organization that seeks to guide students, sincerely inspiring them to prepare them for their futures.
  3. The orange circle with eight rays depicts the future, full of joy and exuberance that are never-ending, harmonious, and infinite, that comes from being a life-long learner.
  4. The green circle in the background is the earth filled with hope, where prosperity abounds and always grows.
  5. These three elements, the two circles that symbolize the earth and the sun and the people, are inseparably connected, harmonious and balanced.

"As a community, Budi Utamalearners, including the adults therein, consistently and with complete sincerity strivetowards a bright future—harmonious, balanced, growing, prosperous, and abundant—by becoming life-long learners."

Copyright 2013  Sekolah Nasional Tiga Bahasa Budi Utama